Win one of 10 copies of The Mighty Gastropolis, Portland: A Journey Through the Center of American's New Food Revolution by Karen Brooks with Gideon Bosker and Teri Gelber

Experience the real Portland, Oregon, an unorthodox city re-imagining America's food culture one do-it-yourself artisan food purveyor at a time.

Karen Brooks takes you into the kitchens, personal lives, and mindsets of the food geeks creating this "no rules food town." Praise from the big dogs of food media -- Bon Appetit, Saveur, Food and Wine and Food Network, and others -- turned Portland's rising star chefs into cult heroes. Now Brooks let's you get to know them as the cool kids they really are.


“Foie gras, grilled pigeon, and the tastiest fried egg sandwich around: It’s all here in Karen Brooks’s lively account of America’s new great food city. Oh, and there are 50 terrific recipes, too.”

-- James Oseland editor-in-chief of Saveur and author of Cradle of Flavor