Make your tastebuds happy: give them Perrier! The world’s best sparkling water is all about the bubbles, with a clean taste and unique gas content, and long-lasting fizz that heightens the flavor of any mixed drink.  

So get refreshed and celebrate summer with three cases of Perrier All Natural Sparkling Mineral Water (that's 900 oz!) and 101 Mojitos & Other Muddles Drinks by master mixologist Kim Haasarud -- for 10 Winners

So, are you going to throw the best party ever? May we suggest: 

  • Sparkling Raspberry Mojito
  • Jalapeño Orangeade
  • Classic Bourbon Smash
  • Burning Passion Margarita
  • Cucumber-Cilantro Mojito 

As an added bonus, you can pick what flavors of Perrier you'd like to win: Classic, Lemon, Lime, or Grapefruit sparkling water. 

Remember, not all bubbles are created equal: ENTER NOW TO WIN!